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Artificial Intelligence
Resident Activity Monitoring



"Everyone has the right to both live and work in a safe environment."

Greg Dalton, Gold Sentintel Founder

Functioning at their very best, long-term care homes create and sustain a sense of community, safety, comfort and camaraderie for residents, as well as high job satisfaction for staff.

ElephasCare™  by Gold Sentintel enables facilities to reduce exposure to the #1 cause of death in Seniors. Better outcomes. Improved quality of life. A superior, more rewarding  work environment.

Comforting Hands
Portrait of an aged person


Our completely non-visual monitoring technology creates efficiencies + improves working conditions for hardworking health care professionals providing quality care to Seniors - particularly persons living with Dementia (PLWD).


Situational Monitoring, Analysis & Response Technology  (SMART™) is the foundation of our solution, maintaining the privacy and dignity of both residents and the professionals caring for them.

On guard 24/7, ElephasCare™ monitors the activity of residents in  their rooms and notifies staff of detected departures from established baselines of activity & pre-cursers to falls.


Our non-visual, non-audio, non-wearable monitoring technology allows for staff intervention to prevent falls and respond to incidents more efficiently.

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